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Cat Travel Accessories

Travelling & Walks

Discover our wide range of cat travel accessories. Car harnesses, collars, leads, carriers and much more. Get the best quality at the lowest prices. Free shipping on eligible orders.

Travelling & Walks


Check out the Individual Protective Car Seat for Pets and protect your car seat from scuffs, scratches, fur and dirt. Enjoy the trip with your dog.

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2-in-1 bottle with water and food containers for dogs Pettap InnovaGoods Home Pet is ideal for care-free walks and travels with your pet.

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Make life easier for your dog thanks to the new and practical InnovaGoods dog water bottle-dispenser


Protect your car seats when you travel with your dog with the InnovaGoods Home Pet protective car cover for pets - a really practical mat that's easy to install, as it has straps that attach to the...

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